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Lafayette, CA

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Welcome to KMP Realty, an independently owned and operated brokerage, focused on giving East Bay buyers and sellers the best possible real estate experience.

We work with buyers and sellers of real property. We are local experts and active in our communities. Whether negotiating for the best possible terms, finding the “perfect view” home or where to build your extended family compound, you will benefit from our insight and local perspective.

On this site, you will find useful local community information, California mortgage calculators and how to do a local property search.

We have one simple rule:

The client's needs always come first.

Our goal is to help you make informed, knowledgeable decisions about real estate and homes for sale– and to help you find the Lafayette-area property that exactly suits your specific needs.

Based in Lafayette, we pride ourselves on knowing local services, restaurants, shops and schools. Nobody knows local values and inventory better than KMP Realty.

We would love to help you, contact us today.

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